One year in Shanghai

Last 29 Dec was my first day in Shanghai. 

Alone on a single ticket, the city welcomed me with the first snow in the year.

Looking back, 2013 is just the beginning of a big adventure. 

I’ll accomplish even more in 2014. Gotta kill it before turing 30!

One year in Shanghai

Critical Mass Bike Ride 2013: A Huge Success

After months of preparations, the event I volunteered at finally ended in success. 🙂 Think it’s good to post the recap here.


Thanks to all sponsoring partners, volunteers and enthusiastic participants, the Critical Mass Bike Ride 2013 was a huge success!

Over 300 riders joined and had fun. We had a gorgeous girl riding to party in nightgown, aliens from space visiting us, a group of professional triathlon riders, a group of fun and creative gal-riders, also a grassy man dressed up as a moving eco-message. For more photos, please visit

DSC_3004 IMG_2621DSC_3040 DSC_2963

Our volunteer core riding team designed the route to pass through the fabulous Longteng Avenue for the views on PuDong, then through the busy Xizhang South Road to gain attractions to our eco-message. For map, please check

Love the winners of that day. ❤




Critical Mass Bike Ride 2013: A Huge Success

Opensource PM2.5 data to battle air population in China

PM2.5 is a trending term in China, at least in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Even the old lady living my next door knows it – and check it everyday before she goes out to shop for fresh stocks.

The air quality standard was made popular since the US embassy started to post it on their weibo accounts (China mirco blog). The account of US embassy Beijing has over 656,000 followers.

There’re dozens of apps in China made for air quality reports. Recently BestApp, an app design and production agency in Guangzhou launched an opensource project that collects PM2.5 data from 496 monitoring spots in 74 cities, which is renewed every hour.

Those data are publicly available online from various province bureaus. BestApp collects and organize the data and share it via API.

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Opensource PM2.5 data to battle air population in China